ARM VPN Routers

VPNRouter iR 2110

VPN Router with Firewall, NAT/DNS, SSL/TLS, AES-256
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VPNRouter iR3220

-VPN Router with rich of connectivity -Secure VPN over Ethernet, WLAN, 3G/4G -SimpleVPN software for easy deployment -Firewall operation, NAT/DNS, SSL/TLS, AES-256 -Remote control for Serial, CAN-Bus, GPIO -5 x LAN (1 Gigabit, 4 Fast Ethernet) -Robust metal case, for …
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VPNRouter iR5221

Industrial ARM VPN Router -Firewall, NA/DNS, SSL/TLS, AES-256 -Secure remote access with VPN tunnel -Easy network setup using SimpleVPN -Remote control for Serial, CAN-Bus, GPIO -Secure VPN over Ethernet, WLAN, and 3G/4G -Rich connectivity: LAN, COMs, USBs, DIOs, CAN …
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