Line Matrix printers

Printronix 6800 Series Line Matrix Printers

The most reliable, cost efficient and and sustainable print technology. Rugged an Reliable -24/7 heavy duty cycle with longest mean time to failure and less user intervention -Operates in harsh environments withstanding humidity, extreme temperatures, dust and dirt -Durable …
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TG6800 Open Pedestal

The TG6800 Open Pedestal is a dependable line matrix printer that delivers maximum up-time and lowest cost of ownership. Same print speed as Cabinet. above.
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TG6800 Cabinet

Teh flagship model in the series. The TG6800 Cabinet is your choice when reducing noise within your industrial printing environment is an objective. TG6805, print speed: 154 - 500 lines per minute (lpm) TG6810, print speed: 306 - 1000 lpm TG6815, print speed: 459 - 1500 lpm …
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